Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Much Ado about Bullshit!

BA: … Sanctions [against Iraq] did not have any effect on state officials… Some even grew richer during the sanctions… [Sanctions] affected only the masses…

Translation: if sanctions are imposed on Syria, only you, the masses, will suffer. My colleagues and I, naturally, will not.

Well, what can I say? At least he’s honest.

BA: [The regime’s opponent’s in Lebanon] are ineffective tools, he who stood behind them was not very smart. In fact, he was stupid in everything he did. They are moving from failure to failure.

Is this supposed to be an accusation or a confession?

BA: [We should stay away from the idea that it is] the West that builds regimes and destroys regimes, that it is the one that safeguards our stability and guides us, that is the one that bestows legitimacy. This is an objectionable notion. If we are not guided by our people, for all our faults and shortcomings, no one will be able to guide us…

Translation: forget about history, forget about everything you were taught in school, this region was not the product of Sykes-Picot, no regime in it has ever been supported or destroyed by western powers.

Hmmm. What an interesting bit of revisionism! We appear to be the true masters of our destiny all of the sudden. I had no idea.

Oh yes, I had no idea. But then, what’s so surprising really? Like the good socialists that they were, our leaders have lied, bribed, thieved, intimidated, murdered and hijacked their way into our lives, and now, like the good Mafiosos they have become, they continue to do the same. But who are they kidding?

True, the great majority of Syria’s youths are an ill-educated, low-skilled and often jobless lot, but even they have been made too wise by harsh experience to buy into this kind of bullshit spewed by our Great Leader Wannabe.

Still, the President might indeed end up having the support of some of the brainwashed children of the last vestiges of our middle classes, but this will not stop the Great Unwashed from drowning us all with their rage when the time finally comes. Indeed, had it not been for the trauma that will most surely be involved, it would somewhat be poetic to see a socialist regime being rent asunder by the very classes it has betrayed. But, the sweetness of any looming revenge will be undoubtedly tampered by its certain bloodiness.

So, and while we dispute amongst ourselves – regime, opposition and all – as to who among us is the lesser patriot and the greater fuck, and vice versa of course, a long suppressed rage is about to tear down our walls.