Monday, February 06, 2006

Curious Facts!

Each time a demonstration goes awry in Damascus, the event often takes place on a weekend, involving empty buildings and minimal, if any, civilian casualties. Even last year’s incident in Mazzeh, when an alleged “terrorist” cell attacked a UN headquarters, the building had been empty for years, albeit a woman bystander was killed. This and those Syrians arrested in Beirut for involvement in the riots that took place there, not to mention the burning of the Danish embassy in Beirut, bespeaks volumes. The world cannot afford to ignore these obvious signs anymore, this regime is bent on self-destruction, and an alternative to it should be engineered fast before the entire country breaks under its deadweight.


For a more cultural take on this whole Danish Cartoon Affair, please check out my recent post on my new blog "Tharwalizations," and my earlier one on our Tharwa new group blogs. The blogs comes as part of a community that we are experimenting with as part of our pla to re-launch the Tharwa Project soon, albeit in a new garb. As you sift through the various blogs, please bear in mind that we are still in the trial phase and that postings will be somewhat haphazard at this early stage. The Tharwa Team, not to mention yours truly, is juggling a bit too many things at once.

Additionally, my wife has her own interesting way of looking at this affair. I tend to wax poetic on this matter in my Arabic blog as well. Meanwhile our daughter, Ola, offers a few youthful thoughts on the recent opposition conference in her own blog: The Way to the Future...