Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Myths Victorious!

The myth-makers are having the final laugh after all. Their isms have failed in every possible respect, and they continue to fail. Still, and for the lack of easier alternatives, people continue to believe in them, and to be willingly deceived by them.

Indeed, if de-mythification is a difficult process in itself, its consequences are even harder to accept. The idols will forever fall, it seems, but people will never accept what their failure implies, and will rather set up new idols, different only in appearance, but not in significance – never in significance – than accept the implications of their idols’ fall.

The people need to believe, it seems, inasmuch as they need to die. Indeed, faith is often a more subtle form of suicide. Though at times, such as these times, it’s hardly subtle at all, but the faithful are simply unwilling to see. It’s often easier to deny reality than to face the truth. This oft-expressed sentiment can never lose its relevance, it seems. Never.

Woe to the faithful. And more woe to the heretics.