Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lost in Jubilation!

As always in our turbulent region, victory is in the eye of the beholder, and we so desperately need to feel victorious we are willing to see victory even in ruins. No wonder our victors have recently been nothing more than charlatans, thieves and murderers. Indeed, neither victory nor victors are what they used to be. As the old saying goes: “The times are no longer the times, and men no longer the men (la al-dinyeh dinyeh, wa la al-naas naas).” Civilization in these parts has gotten so bloody old, it seems, the gift of victory has much depreciated in value over time.

But above all, we need to beware clerics when they come bearing such gifts. For holy victories, especially when so surreal, tend to pave the way to holy hell. And we have just had about enough holiness and hell in our lives, a little heresy could indeed go a long way in improving our lot.

But who is listening these days? Who is listening? Oh where are the attentive ears of yesteryear?

Deafened by the tumult of jingoistic celebrations I presume.

But lost amidst all this jubilation over our all too Orwellian realities, where defeat is victory, democracy slavery and ignorance a holy bliss, is the fact that the hopes and aspirations of few more generations of young Arab and Middle Eastern youths have just been dashed. It won’t take long before the reality of this hit home for those concerned and, once it does, their anger will simply transform them into the fine fodder which better suit their nurture and the purpose for which they have always been prepared - the war/peace our leaders crave to ensure their survival.

Then the region-wide fireworks will truly commence.