Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Whirling Dervish of the Apocalypse!

There are many young people starving for hope in Lebanon, Syria and across the region, and Hassan Nasrallah’s latest speech was aimed squarely at them. No. it did not offer them hope in the real sense for which they are aspiring, jobs and such, but it did promise them victory, and in their desperate and empty lives, the promise of victory and the call of battle can indeed excite, especially when the leader involved seems to have a certain hard-won credibility in this regard.

For people do indeed believe that it was Hezbollah that was mainly responsible for driving Israelis forces out of South Lebanon, the role that the geopolitical context played at the time is entirely forgotten. Hell, people are willing to forget the current geopolitical context in which Hezbollah’s current adventurism is taking place. Or, to be more specific, they subscribe to a reading of it that is more based on fantasies and conspiracy theories, rather than the obvious hard facts. The curse of defeated messianic peoples is that they always want to believe, no matter how blindly.

But blind belief seldom leads to salvation, if ever. So here it is, our war hero, our romantic dervish, whirling his way and ours, believes and heretics alike, to a fiery damnation.

Not everyone is happy of course, or oblivious to the cost of it all.

A call from the Tharwa Team in Lebanon

Dear Friends,

I am sure you all well aware of the tragic situation Lebanon and its people are in. Some of you are in the country, others are abroad while their families are still here, and some of you spent some time here, and I am sure you have come to love Lebanon and consider it a second home.

I write this message to ask for your help… for all of us to try and do something to stop this atrocity against Lebanon and its people, regardless of who is to blame and who started it all. Let us put the politics aside for now.

I urge you all to do whatever you can to lobby, demonstrate, petition, contact your MP or congressman, run stories, whatever thing to try and push for some sort of action against this violence.

There are no guarantees, we are aware of this, and this is not going to pose a solution to the problem. But we need to stop the violence now. So please do your part. For the sake of this innocent country and its people that have already been through hell.

It is truly heartbreaking what is happening. To see your country rise from the rubble after a long bloody war, to see it overcome its infamous violent reputation, to see a buzzing social and nightlife reemerging, its wonderful people and tourists returning, democracy slowly but surely taking its course… to see all of this and more, destroyed.

It is not fair.

Please do what you can. Lebanon and its people need your help. So do what you can and pass the message on.

Thank you.