Monday, July 03, 2006

Aref Dying?

Sources are reporting that Aref Dalilah’s health is failing quickly and that he is liable to collapse at any given moment. Prison doctors have reportedly recommended that he be subjected to a variety of tests and scans, but, so far, prison authorities have not responded to their demands. Judging from the recalcitrance and indifference of the international community with regard to cases of unlawful imprisonment, torture and crackdowns that are currently taking place in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere in the region, Aref Dalilah might as well die of some brain clot or heart attack, or even under torture, and no one will do anything about it, beyond issuing some worn out and meaningless condemnation.

I wonder how certain illustrious officials of ours will react in this regard? Who will go on some tirade against the man and accuse him of being a Zionist agent, I wonder? And who will paint a sad smile on his face and briefly dismiss the whole thing as an “unfortunate incident,” which, he hopes, will not be repeated in the future?