Monday, June 26, 2006

Leader-In-Waning vs. Leaders-In-Waiting!

Our unloved, undesired, unintelligible, yet completely unrepentant nincompoop of a president has just opened his mouth and vomited a load of nonsensical utterances that will challenge the finessing capabilities of even the most rabid regime supporters out there. Still, I am sure that many, each for his/her reasons, will attempt to read something noteworthy into them, after all, the man is a goddamn president, so he must know what the hell he is talking about.

Yeah, right.

But then, at least he helped the cause of the NSF by deigning to speak of it in a direct manner. That’s really good publicity for the NSF and for Khaddam. He even acknowledged that the NSF is receiving some international political support, but not necessarily financial support. The man-cub is well-informed, well, to an extant of course. For anyone who thinks that the street on his side is an idiot. The street is in disarray, and when the time should come, it will have a billion other sides that will appeal more effectively to its diverse tastes and its insatiable appetite for revenge and accounting.

But I’ll leave it to you, and to Khaddam, to decipher Bashar’s other utterances

Meanwhile, and despite all the idiotic criticism, Bayanouni’s announcement regarding his willingness to get back the Golan Heights through negotiations make good political sense. This is exactly the kind of message that needs to be sent at this stage, knowing how influential the Israelis are in shaping the US and international policies vis-à-vis the Assads regime. It is indeed important here to point out to the Israelis that a government in which the MB will take part will still be committed to the language of dialogue as the best way for getting back the Golan.