Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Free Syria!

Kudos to the Syrians in Paris for organizing this important sit-in support of Syria’s dissidents and activists in these difficult times. For indeed our colleagues in Syria need every little help we can give them, seeing the difficult conditions of their imprisonment, and seeing that Anwar al-Bunni continues to refuse to end his hunger strike, which he started both in protest of his unlawful imprisonment and the ludicrous charges which were brought against him, including that of taking part in a secret society that seeks to overthrow the regime.

The Assads do not like moderate opponents anymore that they do radical ones. For the end result is the same: the end of their reign of terror and corruption. Indeed, the house that the Assads have built is so fragile that even moderate reforms can cause it to topple. The Assads know and understand so well this little fact about mafia states. Just continue to read the various files laid open for us by administrators of the Free Syria site to see what is really at stake here for the Assads.