Monday, May 08, 2006

Brotherly Diplomacy!

The current tour by a delegation of the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood which has so far included Lebanon and Turkey is quite a significant event, and the Turkish press knew it and gave it more than its fair share of coverage in Turkish papers.

What is the significance of this event? Well, it comes as a prelude to the May 20th meeting of the National Salvation Front in Brussels, when the final formation of the Front will be decided and its basic mission unveiled. Even though no government in exile will be officially formed at this stage, the NSF is bound to behave as such in many ways, as its leaders plan to embark on a massive diplomatic effort to explain their cause to the world in the following months.

Meanwhile, members of the Muslim Brotherhood are already behaving like statesmen, and are being treated as such, in what could be a good indicator as to how representatives of the NSF will soon be treated.

Indeed, much has been happening over the last few weeks, which will soon be revealed. Some people who have been complaining about the lack of a viable alternative to the Syrian regime might have to wake up and smell the alternative soon.