Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Falafel Republic!

This is indeed how many Syrians refer to the country as least when viewed from the perspective of the great majority of the people who cannot afford to eat anything but Falafel these days, thanks to 40 years of Baath rule and corruption.

But, and according to a recent article published in the Arabic news site Elaph, the Falafelites, despite the Khaddam offensive, are still holding hope that President Bashar will finally begin to crackdown on corruption and take serious steps to improve their living standards, transforming the state back into the Shawerma, Kufta & Kebab Republic.

Unfortunately tough, the only the Shawerma, Kufta & Kebab that this President seems wiling and capable of delivering are the ones made of our won decaying carcasses, which does not seem like a very appetizing prospect to me. Thanks to this regime, cannibalism could soon be making a comeback in this land of endless civilization.

But whom am I kidding? Cannibalism has always been the spice of our lives hereabouts. This is what our long spate of civilization has been all about. We live on because we can cannibalize ourselves. We have been feeding of each other for thousands of years now, and there is nothing anyone can do to make us stop. We have long developed a taste for our own flesh, not to mention God’s of course. Autophagia, Theophagia, Omniphagia. This is what human progress is all about, a steady progression towards hell led in the name of everything sacred.