Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Heresies!

I never believed in the homeland. I never liked the people. I never really had a cause. I don’t think I ever will. If I seem principled to some, it is because I was born this way. If I seem dedicated, it is because I am compulsive. I never really had a choice in these matters. My opposition to the Syrian regime, among others, is born out of the intrinsic “assholeness” of its members, not out of any hypothetical patriotic sentiment on my part. I prefer practical working arrangements to principled stands. But I also realize that no such arrangements can be made with idiots, not to mention bloodthirsty idiots.

Sovereignty issues and the independence of the homeland mean absolutely nothing to me. If the devil can provide high living standards, good education and healthcare systems, and adequate safeguards for basic liberties, let the devil rule. The problem with our ruling devils is that they cannot provide any of these things.

By transmogrifying into vampires, they forced the people to become leeches, then, they dealt with them as such. Since I don’t like being treated as a leech, I cannot stomach having vampires for leaders. I also cannot stomach the idea of becoming a vampire myself. I never developed a taste for human blood. Hell, I even don’t like the way my own blood tastes. I prefer tee, or orange juice. An occasional beer or a glass of wine will do nicely as well.

Some dignity wouldn’t hurt either, and the ability to be my own master will always be appreciated. The occasional tyranny of nature suffices for me. I really don’t want to see it augmented by input from my “peers.”

This is where all my opposition comes from, and my heresies. Things could have been much more simple had I been born an American or a Japanese. But I had to be born a Syrian. This complicated things for me. This is simply not a good time to be a Syrian. Ever since I had to struggle to make things simpler, perhaps even less Syrian.

The struggle goes on. It’s a very personal struggle.

As we celebrate Christmas this far from the Holy Land (and of course we do celebrate Christmas, what’s a point of being a heretic if you cannot celebrate Christmas?), things appear to be as murky as ever. But the kind of holiness that I like, the holiness of family and friends, and momentary contentment, is all around us today. This suffices.

Merry Christmas, and merry heresies, everyone.